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New member
Oct 2, 2019
East Sussex
Hi I just joined today. I was just wondering if others who experience GAD could give me advice about the issue I been having lately. I am having more melt downs, like sobbing like some one has died. Then I come out of it. And I just want to cut people off and be left alone is this what others experience ,


Well-known member
Sep 30, 2019
Hi, what you are experiencing is quite common as anxiety can cause emotional upsets, tearful episodes, frustration. Wanting to be alone is also normal, sometimes we need time to ourselves and that goes for everyone, not just anxiety sufferers. I make myself go out to the town centre just to walk around and see other people and often chat to those who do what I do, sit on one of the main street benches, do a spot of people watching and chat to others around me. It's better than feeling alone and having contact with others is important. I'll take a bus to other towns for a change of scenery. Give some thought to what you can do and not what you cant, it helps!