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Frustrated with my diagnosis



I'm going one more time and I'm going to teel her only disturbing things to make her feel unwell.


Die bitch
I'm feeling so bad
Is not real im suffering abuse from a malignant narcissist? You are retarded.


Just want to kill myself
Hello i just had to read through the first page.

Is there anyone you trust. Sometimes bring someone along with you when seeing the drs. This is way it kinda help avoid any confusion or misunderstanding.

When it comes to psycharist evaluations never go alone . It better someone is with you to guide you and help ypu better expalin your points.

Change drs and get restested again if possible

A diagnois can be a relief for some people but for others it can road to confusion and anger for which is there is no relief.

Having a diagnois which does not fit you can be the worst. Sometimes no diagnosis is better than diagnois which does not fit you.

What ethincity are you bevause you mentipned in your post italians can be racist etc

This is my biggest fear with seeing doctors because i am scared of saying the wrong thing and get labelled with something that does not fit me .

I have sucidial thoughts which keep reappearing and disappearing. I go through periods of stablity but then my sucidal thougnts come again. I was diagnosed with deprrssion ..

I am afraid to tell drs about my true state mind.

I dont trust doctors regardimg mental health at all. I feel like psychairtists have too much power and dont like being questioned.

Once diagnosed it chanages the way people see you and how they treat you.

Please take care



I just explained my OCD and she said it's because extreme hysteria. Cause the other doctors said I'm Histrionic and this one believes it.
And than kept and kept asking me about a relationship with a man,.. And details about this.. and this made me nuts.

I was like you, almost never opened up to doctor but I tryed in the end... I will be more reserved from now on about my problems and pretend I'm almost fine.

Im not bringing no one to the doctor. I don't have who.

Sorry I can't tell my ethnicity.


I wonder wthell I did wrong, did I reacted like I'm desperate for a man and I don't remember. I'm always very careful and self aware in public.


Today I waked up with the yesterday s event at the doctor in mind:(
but I don't feel that toxic shame and anger.

It is not fair that they are so stupid and or mean.

Hysteria no longer exists as a mental disorder.
And histrionic personality disorder is proposed to be excluded as a personality disorder and it is considered to be trait for some people wirh narcissism and antisocial personality disorder.

I feel they did this in order to shame me.
Anyways let's say this disorder exists...
I'm the exact opposite of what hpd stands for.
Don't like to be the center of atention, I feel very unconfortable with that
Don't dress like an atention whore, don't use phizical aperence to drawatention to myself. Never.
Don't feel relationships are more intimate that they are
Don't have sexually provocative behaviourand don't like to talk about sex
I m not shallow emotionally

The other doctor that diagnosed me with this displayed these traits. A lot!! Die you too disgusting bitch.

Im changing hospital. OK. I'm done. I should have done this before.