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from funny voices to music!!!



ok guys i last put a thread on about funny side to voices i would like to ask about people who hear music!!!i also hear music faintly!!i,am actually looking at positives of voices,i,am only asking as when i have talked to a lot of my freinds who hear voices and asked would you like them to go most of them say no!!we all seem to want to no were they are from and who or what are they but i have not heard anyone say"i want them to go"which i find intresting so if any one can give me any experiances on hearing music please let me no!my music is distant 50,s music dont no if it is because of my parents listening to it when i was young!!i think there is a lot of positives in hearing voices and maybe a lot answers from the past or present could be answered!!take care DEANO x:rolleyes:


Hi Deano

When I was a child angels used to sing me lullabys and also used to hear trains, not diesel, old steam engines.

I lived about two miles from a railway station at that time and always put it down to that.

When I was six I woke in the night and saw an evil man in my room I was so afraid I dived under the covers and was too afraid to shout out for my parents and lay there until morning in an awful sweat. I was too afraid to have my light off in bed. I used to here jingle bells as well, not the song, but tinkling bell sounds.

The songs and sounds stopped when I got to about ten and a voice started when I was 38 when I was sitting in my lounge, my mother had had an operation and had a heart attack during it and was in intensive care.

It was 10 o'clock at night, well past visiting time, when a woman's voice told me to get out of there as quickly as I could and get back to that hospital.

I jumped in the car got there as quickly as I could, parked up and literally ran down the corridor to the intensive care unit, and there I found my mother who was lying there totally terrified, tubed up, of course, I grabbed her hand and she grabbed mine and she was mouthing the words, mum, mum, then she lifted her left hand, and it was as though she was taking someone elses hand, and then I saw peace pass over her face. I stayed with her the entire night and would not leave her until she passed away.

I thank Our Father for that woman's voice which got me to that hosital because my mother needed me and without that voice I could not have helped her when she passed over.

I never heard another voice again until I was 49 and that was when it all started, It was when I started praying for a friend who had breast cancer. The first thing I heard then was the sound of bongo drums when I woke from my sleep.

I must tell you this, when I was 12 I went to the seaside on holiday, I could not swim at that time and was in the water up to my waist. Suddenly, the wind turned around, the currents changed, and I was pulled down and sucked back up and bashed against the breakwaters. I couldn't get out and was pushed backwards and forwards against the breakwaters and then pulled down. I held my breath and tried to pull myself against the breakwaters. To this day I do not know where I found the strength to get myself out of the water, but I did, and don't laugh but I must tell you this, when the people on the beach got me to the medical centre, I was so embarrassed because I'd pood my pants. I was not with my parents then and was on holiday with my friend's parents, and my parents never let me go on holiday again without them until I was grown up. That strength came from somewhere, if not from God, then I know not who.

I fought my fear of water and started going swimming with my dad every sunday morning when I was 15. 50 lengths front crawl for me now, no problem.

I've decided I'm going to go for a walk now, it's so lovely and frosty outside.

I have two sons 30 and 29.

I expect you are all in bed in America, sweet dreams and lots of love

Terri x


just heard a newon about music!!one guy heard george mhichel wam i am!!and he use to say wam i,am not becuse he hated the band!!!!lol:rolleyes:


Apr 20, 2010
I started hearing music and voices in 2005. I hear multiple voices at the same time and almost always there is music in the background. I also hear 40's or 50's music as well as gospel,Christmas(all year round), patriotic and a lot that I've never heard before.
I've heard Annie Lenox and Stevie Nicks sing songs I had never heard before and they were great. Wish I could get the CD.
AT first a lot of the music was the most beautiful I had ever heard but it seemed to become less pleasant over time.
Sometimes it's the same song over and over which gets tedious. Other times it segues from one song to another. One day some kids were singing "my dog went over the rainbow" and it was so cute. Another song was from girls sounding in their early twenties. It went "I've got blue eyes, blue hair, blue skin and a wonderful tan". It was very upbeat and fun.
When I'm outside it's neat because it's like it pours down from the sky.
Anyway would also like to hear of other's experiences with hearing music.


Hi Kurt

You lucky man, what fabulous voices you are hearing. I expect the angels are singing to you and the children are being mischievous to make you laugh.

I was in northern ireland once and there was a guy in a bar who had an amazing talent. There I was drinking my guinness (because I have Irish blood in me) and he was playing the devil goes down to georgia on a violin and then dualling banjos, all on his own, both parts. How on earth he did that I will never know. He had the most amazing spiritual presence and not much later I woke up to the sound of somewhere over the rainbow being sung by children but not dogs over the rainbow like you had. Lol. Don't suppose there is any connection; then after that a voice flew into my mind, how are things in glockamorra, and it sounded like Tommy Steele, followed by Bono's, with or without you and then came the dualling banjos and ended with the devil goes down to georgia all in the space of about 24 hours. Just about zapped me out!!!

By the way, while we are talking about songs there's been a report in our paper that Frank Sinatra has been seen helping himself to the mini bar in a hotel he used to stay in America before he died. I wonder if he'd been crooning and felt a bit parched!! Lol

Terri x


music and voices!when i was quite ill i use to hear the beech boys wouldnt it be nice!sorry but ithink thats what i wanted at the time just listen to the lyrics !!!and i still hear that now which kind of cheers me up a bit!!to see were i,am in my life now!!which is most comforting any how have a good new year all !!DEANO xxx:p


music and voices!when i was quite ill i use to hear the beech boys wouldnt it be nice!sorry but ithink thats what i wanted at the time just listen to the lyrics !!!and i still hear that now which kind of cheers me up a bit!!to see were i,am in my life now!!which is most comforting any how have a good new year all !!DEANO xxx:p

Happy new year to you Deano,

How are you? Long time no see ....

Lots of lush Mam

Whoops, I'm forever looking after children and I know you're not one,

take care

Terri x

By the way, my bros has taken to singing wouldn't it be nice, tra la la la
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