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From almost completely broken n always tired to energetic and happy



New member
Jul 28, 2018
Life is simply much more enjoyable for myself and I owe it to a lot of things. I will share some things that I have found to seem to have been working the most for me. I wanna help if it’s possible because I’ve been stuck in this shole as well as many have been.

My advice for considering anything I say is to look at it as an experimental pill that doctors give to patients knowing that you don’t know yet fully what you’re getting into. These are my opinions and perspectives and think they work because they have worked for me.

Before I go off, let me say before this, I suffered from extreme anxiety and depression. I was freakin tired all the time and had interest in almost absolutely nothing. If you like any of these ideas, I might share more. Thank you for your time and hopefully this helps at least one person.

For me, mastering my body first has made it easier to show this thing called the internal struggle which we all deal with a thing or two. Let me share you some of the tricks I’ve practiced.

“Look at the details feel the details don’t think about the details.”

If you feel all the details, without judgment, a lot of simple annoyances can seem like nothing. For example, feeling every itch, ache, pain and all the feelings they bring.. and just staring at all the different details and sensations that are brought up when feeling what comes up in your body(don’t know how this works for chronic pain), all problems go away. Go take cold showers, ache at the gym, they will feel like nothing.(I mean cold showers are great now and feel good no matter how my body feels)

There is a million ways to feel things in the body. IT’S AWESOME!!!! My opinion. If you can master the body scan and accept any of the details that are present, you are going to have a much better time

(Worked out intensely one day, pretty hard next, helped brother move next day(did 95% of kitchen work), two days later and Ima still not sore. This is the first time I attempted to work out in one year and I expected to be sore.)

A word to throw out every once in a while is the word acceptance. This is a huge thing in mindfulness and for me practicing this really helps.

Problems seem like really short bullet points in my head. Scan through the details but don’t obsess over them. I title thoughts instead of trying to go through all the details all the time. One title I use a lot for dumpster garbage that comes up is irrelevant.

Pheww. . . Ok I’m tired of typing so much. If any of this you wanna try or makes sense to you enjoy and have fun!