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Friendship anxiety



Jan 5, 2015
I posted a thread last week explaining that lately I've been really anxious because my best friend has been getting closer and closer to this other girl that she works with. My anxiety got worse when they (and their boyfriends) decided to go away together. My boyfriend is her boyfriends best friend and we were both a bit put out by it. We are going away with them too but it felt to me like it didn't mean as much anymore.
The reply to the thread said to talk to her about it, so I did.
It really helped at the time she reassured me that nothing would ever come between us and that she was just another friend. She also said that she feels the relationship between them is fizzling out and they hardly see each other outside of work.
This made me feel better for a short time but then a couple of days later they invite them over there for food and now tonight they're going out for a meal together.
Now my anxiety levels are basically back to what they were before. I'm struggling to believe what she said on the phone previously because it obviously wasn't true. And if that wasn't true then maybe the fact that nothing will come between us isn't true either.
I'm really struggling again and don't know what to do, if talking to her is only a short term solution then what could help me long term because it's getting to the point where I feel I can't do this anymore.


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Oct 21, 2014
don't worry your friend obviously cares about you! maybe you could schedule doing something nice with the hubby when you know that they are meeting up a special treat something you really like.
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