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Friends vs Acquaintances - Lonely?



Sep 20, 2015
Does anyone else ever like this...?

I have felt for the last few years at university that everyone I have 'gotten to know' are just acquaintances and that I feel like I couldn't actually call them friends, nor anyone there would call me their friend. Ever since leaving high school I have lost contact with everyone, so hoped to find new people at uni. However everyone there seems to keep to themselves if they don't have to be in uni that day.

Makes me feel quite lonely as it has gotten to the stage now that in my final few months before hopefully graduating (have been in uni 3 years now into my 4th) that I don't really want to make friends with anyone. This to me is more scary than not being able to make friends... if that makes sense... cause it feels like I have changed, and not in a way I would have liked several years ago.

I guess I am just used to loneliness? :redface:


Well-known member
Jan 27, 2015

Do you think Maybe the people you mention don't feel to you, like they are the type of people you can be good friends with.
Sounds like you had/made friends at high school ok.
Do you feel there is a reason you don't want to make friends or is it the people you can be friends with aren't your type, not sure.
Sorry it's causing you concerns.
Unique xx
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