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Friends Obsession getting the best of me...



New member
Dec 19, 2009
Hey everyone,

To put this short as possible,
My best friend, two years back dated a guy for less than a year and he broke up with her. However, she claims she is still completely in love with him and this has been going on for almost over two years now.
The guy messes with her head, pretending he is going to date her again then backing down, but she doesn't see it as anything wrong. He's honestly a terrible person but she paints all the pictures in her head to make out that he is wonderful and completely righteous.
It's an total obsession, she is no longer the bubbly caring girl she once was. She really only ever wants to talk about this guy, go places she might see him, or do things he was interested in. This is not her. This is not a healthy aftermath of a breakup. She sees its a problem but shes more concerned about getting the guy back then fixing the problem. She really has no interest in being her old self again, she is just concerned about one thing, getting back with him.
Is there any word for this obsessive love? It's becoming a serious problem. She's unhappy going out, she's having suicidal (because she seek attention from him), and talking to her about this after two years is like smacking my head against a wall. Can anyone suggest an approach to this? I'd really appreciate it as I do love her.
Thank you <3


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Oct 1, 2009
Kent, UK
Hey - am fairly new here too, and all I can think of suggesting is: are there anythings you two used to do together as mates before her relationship with this guy - like activities/outings/social events that you might be able to reinterest her in, to sort of drag her attention away from what sounds like a pretty damaging situation? Doing this might increase her social group and take her mind of this guy...maybe she'll realise that the world is bigger than this one person and she'll meet more new ppl. I know it's hard when someone you care about is besotted with someone who you think is bad for them....it's good that you are there for her tho. x