friends abusive ex and therapy



Oct 21, 2018
Hey. I attend a group therapy and there's a woman who attends and me and her are close we have shared most of our past experiences with sexual abuse with each other. I need advice as she has told her husband of 18 years about the physical and sexual abuse that she had 20 years ago. She's married and managed to keep it from him. Her ex is dead who abused her. Because I'm close to her it hurts me that she's upset after telling her husband this week. It's really messed my head a little. I'm having nightmares about it. But I'm not allowed to talk to anyone about things in the group so who do I confidence in because it's really getting to me. I really don't mind hearing about it but when it gets too much I don't know who to let of steam to. What do I do. I can't distance myself from her as she trusts me so much and I like helping her x

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