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friend with schizophrenia question



New member
Sep 19, 2020
This time was a little worse than the last 2, but that goes without saying I guess.

My question goes like this.

Each time she had a break was after cutting back on moderated weed smoking. Each time after that she was on meds for a few weeks or a month, maybe less and then went back to living life. Maybe not 100% idk.

Never saw a doctor outside of the hospital she was admitted to. Just went off the meds for years or so, went back on weed and then the same thing happens.

She's back, working the same job again, got her stuff back and whatever. That was a couple weeks ago or so.

Saw her today, seemed to be doing a bit better as she could drive and go to the store stuff like that...but she kept on saying how people are after her or looking at her or paranoid thoughts like that, and this never really went away and was on her mind a bit today.

Not sure what to say when she goes into stuff that isn't true.

All I know is that when she gets done with the 2 weeks meds, which she talked to her non-medical and quite frankly not really caring too much parents(who live out of state) they thought this was a good idea because the meds aren't making her feel too great.

I think the meds were doing their job, and that they aren't made to make you feel good as much as they are to make you feel less paranoid or whatever.

I just think that not seeing a doctor and doing it her way is screaming for more issues in the future.

Isn't this how bad things happen, people have breaks and don't get the proper help they need?

As you can tell this is really driving me up a wall.

I think I know the answer already.


Taking a break
Nov 10, 2019
My cousin, even when 'well' and on medication, talks about being monitored and other paranoid thoughts. He is certain of it talks at length about it. I Good on you for being a friend as most people avoid my cousin, myself included.


Well-known member
Feb 3, 2020
London, Uk
INDICA only.

Sativas are dangerous for us. Only 2% can probably handle it.

The mj is better than the meds by a long shot. Only when used medicinally. With a doctor. A prescription and a support program.

Not recreational. Not purchased at a certified hospital, clinic.

You have no idea what is sold in the streets. Most of it is dangerous. 99% is most likely not mj.


It takes more mental power to administrate yourself on mj. You have to already be healed from the meds. Before going on mj. With a certified doctor and support staff.

Any questions. Please ask. I will help you.

Even then. 100% Indica only.

Best wishes. God Bless.
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