Friend Tells Me they have Schizophrenia, but I’m unsure



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Sep 5, 2019
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Alright, so I have this friend who is constantly telling me and other people details about their lives that is obviously false. Example: Them growing up in another country, but all evidence including pictures show they were born and raised in America. Additionally, their family giving accounts of them being younger growing up in the states.Them being another race, when they are obviously Caucasian. Them being in the armed services, even though I’ve talked to three people in the branch they claim they are in, and all three told me that the friend is not. Them saying they have family that needs support in another country, but again all evidence points otherwise. Brothers and other family members that have messaged me about the friend’s well-being, but I’ve never met them. Also whenever I call one of their numbers, the friends phone rings. I’ve met actual family members that I can confirm are related and real. None have contacted me ever.

Additionally, the friend experiences seizures that can be deemed as fake as they respond to painful stimuli (sternum rub). Also doesn’t look like a typical seizure. They do stiffen, sometimes eyes open or closed, difficult to check pupil reaction in most cases. No jerking, they just kind of stay in that state, sometimes they go completely limp, and occasionally will squeeze their hands or pick at their leg or fingers; sometimes to the point where they’ll pick the skin off their hands and bleed.
All of these factors have led me to believe that they are a pathological liar.

They have told me they suffer from several mental illnesses and disorders like Schizophrenia and autism. They claim to have delusions, paranoia, and hallucinations. But, I want to know does any of the above correlate to any of these mental issues. The friend has told me they have had traumatic experiences in the past familial, relationship, and sexual abuse. Additionally, a less than acceptable home life and neglect growing up. Plus, I am told their current relationship has been abusive physically and sexually, and that their partner often threatens suicide. Which makes me think a lot of these instances are just developments of coping mechanisms.

But, also the seizures seem more like something related to PTSD that a friend of mine in the military mentioned. Like their reliving a traumatic experience like a reel in a movie. Either that or just seeking attention. Seizures occasionally occur when family is around, but often the friend seems like they’re in a dazed state, unable to respond properly.


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Jan 6, 2019
Hmm. I'd just avoid that person. Nobody wants a relationship built on lies. Good luck.