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freedom of speach



Sep 2, 2008
hi all, just a question, do you think it's right that someone can be arrested by the police for writing what they feel and their past experiences on a forum...? im only asking as my partner goe's on a forum for people who has a stutter as he is a sufferer.. he had a really hard time with his x wife and he is now unable to see his children who he idolises, he has gone on his forum and told people his story, and he was arrested this morning as his wife had read what he written and has said that it is harassment. don't we have the right to speak..
take care


Well-known member
Sep 5, 2008
Manchester, UK
It depends what they write. Some writing counts as harrassment, or libel. Also if the writing included any indication that he had committed a crime for instance, or intended to commit one (like maybe there was a threat in it somewhere).

Generally speaking though, there is no such thing as free speech on the internet, or anywhere else. Every online forum is owned by somebody and that person has the right to make what rules they like. On top of that they also have to abide by the laws of the nation in which the forum is based.

And most Western nations governments (in particular, the UK, the USA and Australia) are as well-known as the average dictatorship nation, for snooping on their citizens and arresting them for trivial things.

So... I don't necessarily think its right that this sort of thing can happen, but it does happen, and its perfectly legal, and there isn't really anything you can do to avoid it, except just not post stuff like that where anyone else can see it.