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Dec 30, 2008
I have been trying to locate an email address for Marius Romme, also for Sandra Escher to contact them. Do you know such email address
for them?


New member
Jul 18, 2009
Hi, I've never used 1 of these sites before and after and stay in hospital it was suggested to me that i should give it a go. So basically can u tell me how it works please


Active member
Jul 8, 2009
Steve... I'm a recent joiner here as well. I started off by sharing my personal experiences in the personal experiences thread and received a great deal of feedback from folks who could relate in many ways and others who have a different perspective. Seemed to work for me if you're willing to give it a shot. My voices didn't start until a head injury a little under 8 years ago, so it's been helpful to see how others have dealt with such experiences over longer periods of time and how they rationalize what they experience within their various philosophies.

Hope you can find the place as interesting and helpful as I had in the short time I've been here.