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forgetting things, switching names



New member
Apr 28, 2014
For a while now I have been noticing that I have been calling my pets the wrongs names. I was playing a video game and it told me to go east, and I kept going west, confused as to why it wasn't working...I don't have any genetic tie to anyone with memory problems, but I am scared something maybe wrong. I am only 27 years old. I am also wondering if this is maybe something to do with distraction. I use a lot of technology, and smoke cannabis daily to help with anxiety. Im wondering if this is nothing more than short term loss form all the cannabis and iPhone distractions, or something serious. My work has been stressful lately and my diet isn't up to par, as well as my daily jogs i have been taking before my new job. any thoughts would be great. thank you.


Well-known member
Sep 29, 2013
Stress and distraction is a bad combination as well, it can affect your memory, but not as badly as what you're describing. When I was in a situation where it was an issue, it was more things like frequently forgetting things with shopping, forgetting to open the mail, that kind of thing.

Maybe you should start doing some memory exercises? There are a whole series of books out there on the subject, everything from memory palaces to mnemonic techniques and other ways of remembering more things in a better way.