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For to long



Well-known member
Oct 18, 2014
For to long they have profited. The psychiatrists who claim to be experts and know whats best for us. The research and development of drugs which come on to the market so far out of the average persons price range of what they could afford when it comes to treatment. When will this all change. There is surely a cheaper more cost effective way of dealing with us so called paranoid schizophrenics. The current way of dealing with things is not working, when will they realise this. I don't know about you but I'm happy as long as I can vape my ecig, I have no care for what money can buy. I want to be free, roam the court yard without moving a muscle. We have been let down, our voices ignored. I'm a believer that yes we are different but we the disturbed could find our place within the community. Why do people ignore the facts. Why do people look at the history of psychiatry and then come up with some excuse, turn a blind eye, completely look over it. The history of psychiatry, the war on the mentally ill, has no mention in history in the mainstream media.


Dec 10, 2016
Hi. I feel that way too but we have to calm it. Honestly, we do.