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For my dear friend

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Nov 8, 2020
(second post with the same topic/subject)

I need a little help. I myself have depression and anxiety so I hope to find a home here but my motive is to help someone else. I have a dear friend suffering deeply from complex ptsd and needs some reassurance that she is not alone. She does not have familial support or much outside of a few close friends. She is finally in a loving caring relationship and I love her very much but it is not enough to heal years of abuse and pain from several deep losses. She is most recently suffering from the loss of her dog. He wasn't just her dog though. He was her son, her best friend of 10+years and the only one who really knew what she was going through. They are both survivors of years of physical and mental abuse and he was her saving grace and she was his. They made it out together. I would like to show this her at a later date (and encourage her to join as well) and show her that she is not alone. I can not erase what has happened or make the pain go away but I can steer her in a direction of healing because she is an awesome person and is worth it. If anyone finds any of this familiar and maybe show that healing is possible, may you please say hello. Thank you :)


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May 25, 2020
Hello and welcome to the forum. It is so lovely to hear how much you care for your friend.