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Food Intolerance-proven link to depression



Apr 1, 2009
One needs to be able to absorb the nutrients in food to be happy and healthy. Incomplete absorption of fructose can impair the absorption of zinc and tryptophan in the small intestine.
Amines (bananas, chocolate) and Salicylates (Wine, tomatoes) can cause pharmacological reactions including ADHD and mood changes. Additives in food like sulphites can cause allergic type reactions.
Please try an elimination diet. Look up Fructose Malabsorption, Low FODMAP diet, Failsafe diet, Food Intolerance. Search pubmed for the research papers on depression & fructose malabsorption, fodmap and see for yourself. (just google pubmed & the key words). See personal accounts at fedup.com.au. See http://avthompson.wordpress.com/what-is-fructose-malabsorption-disorder/ for a better explanation than I can give on Fructose Malabsorption.
Things like stress and trauma can weaken your system and food intolerances can come on at any time. Plus our western diets are Complete C*ap. Traditional diets BASED ON CENTURIES OF WISDOM mostly avoid the foods banned in the above diets, or eat local varieties low in specific "chemicals" (natural inbuilt plant pesticides). What scientists are slowly catching up on is already known by those who follow a traditional culture. Also DRINK GREEN TEA!!!
Good Luck guys. It's just too good to feel alive again not to share :) Though it's early days for me yet, just giving myself time still to heal up.

Diet is not gonna fix your psycho-social issues kids so stay in therapy too.

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