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Food Guilt with children



New member
Mar 13, 2019
Hello, I’ve just joined so excuse me if I get anything wrong.

Basically I had issues with eating when I was about 13-17 never a diagnosed eating disorder but I didn’t eat on purpose and my attitudes towards food aren’t amazing.

But I had my daughter at 18 and my eating habits have become, not healthier but by far better than they were.

My daughter is now 18 months old and with certain things like chocolate and sweets I hate her having. Not only is it unhealthy but I’m petrified of her becoming “fat”. I don’t pressure my way of eating onto her at all, and encourage her to make healthy choices. I bury my eating fears in order for her to have a healthy relationship with food.

Easter is approaching and nothing terrifies me more than the thought of getting her Easter eggs, her being covered in chocolate and her asking for more, the thought genuinely makes me want to cry. Cake smashes for birthdays was a total no for me. The thought of her shoving a massive cake in her mouth for pictures and her enjoying it really does make me want to cry and makes me feel physically sick.

I can give her white chocolate with less of a horrible feeling, but it still hurts.

Has anyone else had this type of food guilt? Do I have some deep routed problem I need to go to a therapist to resolve as I’ve never ever spoken about my food fears with others.

What is wrong with me?


It makes sense that you are worried about your daughter in that way after your experiences

Kids have a faster metabolism, it's only if you are feeding her an excessive amount that it will become a problem

As long as you feed her the right kind of things when you have that control like cooking and preparing meals, the odd snack and unhealthy food won't hurt

There is nothing wrong with you for having these fears, most parents don't want their children to have the problems they did


Well-known member
Apr 9, 2010
I agree with BPDevil,
Its a positive that you do feel this way towards your child because if all she is fed is stuff that is bad for her will have longterm effects on her health.
As long as what shes being fed is the right food for a healthy life, then you're doing the right thing for her