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first time



Aug 4, 2009
This is the first time I will have actually written down that I have PTSD along with severe depression. I was abused by my brother for 3 years when I was 10 and then in a seperate incident I was raped by a man I babysat for. memories of the rape only surfaced a year a go which has led to more memories of the abuse coming out, I suffer from flashbacks, images and nightmares causing severe pain inside to cope with this pain I SH I have an assesment with a psychologist in Sept and id they agree to see me I will have to wait for an appt, so if anybody has any coping skills they can pass on I would be grateful if not it would be good to hear from anybody in similar circumstances, thanks


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Dec 16, 2007
hiding behind the sofa
Hi there Twinkle and welcome. Sorry your having a difficult tme of it. Hopefully the psychologist can put things into perspective for you.

I was physically abused as a child by my mother and blocked it completly. I had MH prblems for most of my life. It was only when i had a breakdown when i was 50 that it started to surface. Then i found out my sister had suffered as well. But not my brother. I too am starting psychotherapy all being well in sept. Ive been on the list for 10 months. But over the last few years my psychiatrist and CPA have helped me a lot.

Take whatever help is given to you. Once things have been talked about you can start to recover:hug: