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First Time Driving!



I started my first driving lesson today. I spent the two hours. Getting to know about the car, the driver. The driver kept asking me, whether I had any questions. But the driving was a little nerve wracking for me.

The driver taught me how to start the car up. Drive down a quiet area. Looking into the main mirrors. He went through it all with me about six times. I was incredibly nervous and kept on apologizing when ever I heard or followed the instructions correctly.

The worst part was, when I was trying to adjust the chair to my right size. I am quite a small person. So I struggled with trying to find the lever. It was very embarrassing for me.

The instructor was very patient. Although I felt I was annoying him with the apologies.

The downside was, he turned up ten minutes late. Expected me to finish the same time as the lesson was due to finish. A few times, he kept on texting someone on the phone.

I couldn't help but feel my confidence let me down. Getting to know how to operate the car. All the different parts of the car and what they do. How to start up the car and to follow instructions kind of overwhelmed me. I don't want to be a slow driver or annoy the driver. I have another lesson booked for two hours next week.

One thing I liked what the instructor said, he does not want to hear. I can't do it. Despite how difficult driving may look, If I can do it. So can you!

I am a little nervous about the upcoming lessons to come.

Help please!
bert tomato

bert tomato

Well-known member
Apr 4, 2010
Relax a little and let the car do the work.

Aim to be a smooth driver, watch a little Formula 1, and you will get some hints from the commentary.

Don't worry.


I too recently started doing car lessons.
I know its very nerve wracking but after a few it will be better, the nerves will calm down a bit but at the start making you nervous is the best way to learn your skills. The instructor knows what s/he is doing although you are not confident you will only have to go as far as your able to each lesson. Best advice really is remember the instructor has the final control of the car with the assist pedals, you do something wrong there is a safety net. Try not to obsess about doing something, i know it can seem overwhelming to begin with and the amount you have to do seems alot but in time comes 2nd nature. Take things slowly the whole driving test is really about safe timing. You can also ask to put music on if it helps nerves , some inst will do it.

I have the same problem with the instructor playing with the phone rather than doing anything and talks randomly for the whole time forgetting to tell me direction to take -_-', besides the fact every lesson since 2nd we do the same route loop round and around the city never changes ( i was out on the road by lesson 2). Same again, my instructor comes 5-15 mins late then im back home 15-20 mins early on top of that. Got a lesson today in fact at 3:15 (i do 4-6 hrs a week) mock test i think today as my test is next friday.

Good luck with your training, remember in the end any mistake can be controlled by the instructor. The instructor is always helping to begin with you just dont notice it.