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First Steps in Surrey



This looks really helpful;


How we can help
First Steps is an NHS-led service offering friendly advice and information on mental health and emotional issues to the public and employers. Our aim is to help people to find their way back to wellbeing.

Covering the Eastern Surrey area, we run a free and confidential helpline and email service staffed by trained mental health advisors. We also offer a range of self-help resources and educational sessions and signpost people to other relevant local services. Our goal is to help people talk about and understand their emotions, thoughts and feelings and make the best choices in addressing their mental health needs. We also welcome calls and enquiries from relatives, friends, carers and employers.
If you have experience of this it would be great to hear what you thought?


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Jan 8, 2011
Hi, I went to several of these. To be honest, I didn't find them that helpful. They had a lot of general tips and advice, I think they would be of more use to people with less severe mental health problems, or if you haven't had access to any psychological support or psychological education. I'm lucky enough to have had a bit of both and so a lot of this repeated what I had heard before.