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first post



New member
Mar 14, 2009
joined because I find strangers more trustworthy and have little to no trust in anyone I know.

I don't think much to anything or anyone anymore. I just feel as though my heads got a bubble inside instead of a brain, like my personality has been completely errased. I'm just blank.

I find it really awkward in social situations, I just never have anything to say and find it hard to relate or make conversation. It leaves me feeling completely deflated and dull. I constantly feel like a tag along and am very suspicious of peoples thoughts towards me, I just do not gel. I haven't even spoken a word to my parents in a while, depsite living under the same roof. I just feel like nobody has the desire to talk to me or know me, like they get very bored of me quickly.

This aren't new feelings, I was hospitalized after a large overdose a few years ago but was released an overnight stay because i found the psychyratrist very easy to get around as i had no desire to stay there. Things have gotten progressively worse, it was possibly not the best move. But i couldn't understand anyones accents and i found i couldn't even muster up the inituative to try.

I've lost appetite and am inpatient. I find myself doing a complete 360 from being silent to aggresive, i just seem to see red and i cant stop myself.

I don't know.


We can give you moral support and talk with you, tell you how we feel until the cows come home but we can't give you that extra support that you may get from a GP. Are you currently taking any medication?


New member
Mar 14, 2009
no but it's been offered to me before
I don't know much about medication but I've heard it can sometimes do more bad than good?


Taking medication has it's pros and cons. I do well with medication but it's taken a long time to get the right mix for me but other people want to try to get by without it.

It's finding what you'd like to do and if you decide to try to get well without medication what things you can do to help yourself. I meditate and have done for a long time and find that really helps me to live in today.
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