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First Post - Need help - Realized I may have severe OCD



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Oct 13, 2020

Never thought I would be posting on a site like this but some exacerbating symptoms in recent months have made me realize I might have severe OCD/Anxiety/etc and need help. I do have an appointment with a psychiatrist in a few weeks.

I have always had obsessive thoughts - like, I *need* something to obsess over. I will turn the most mild of issues into catastrophes that I need to think about all day. This has grown significantly worse in recent months. I realize my thoughts are irrational, but I cannot avoid them.

Latest example - although I could list many similar examples.

My wife, two kids and I just moved into a new house. Life is great! Almost too good to be true - so I look at what can ruin this great life situation. Bad neighborhood? Nope! Creepy neighbors? Nope! Underlying issues in the house? Nope!

Ah - there it is - my next door neighbor has a couple *really* annoying dogs. They bark/howl loudly periodically throughout the day and never late at night.

I think the average person would go 'hey - kinda annoying but whatever'. Me? Nope. I obsess over it. Are the dogs out now? Will they be out soon? Are they going to be barking this evening? Are our neighbors home tonight to keep them at bay? Wash, rinse, repeat.

What is periodic barking has turned into a 24/7 obsession for me. I think about it all the time. WHY?!?! Again - this is just my latest trip that I am on. If it's not the dogs - I would find something else to have this apply to.

Why do I obsess over the stupidest things? Is this OCD? Something else? Has anyone else had this issue? Did medication (SSRIs) help?

Looking for advice. Thanks in advance


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Nov 10, 2019
An SSRI might relax you more so that the noise does not bother you as much.
Could you use earplugs or talk to your neighbour kindly about it? You could even offer to take the dogs for a walk? Exercise will really help you too. Maybe you could go for a walk when the dogs are put out? It would be good for you and give you a break from the noise. When you get home, it may distress you less.