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First Day of Second Semester



Jan 10, 2019
United States
It's so weird to be back at school. I've seen so many familiar faces, but new ones as well. My classes are really great as well as my professors. I had anxiety in the morning, so I took my medication. Man, I wish I didn't have anxiety and depression problems. Life would be a lot more easy-going. I've never felt at full peace for one full day. I feel really relaxed today and refreshed, finally. God Bless!


Feb 12, 2018
Hi- I’m happy to hear that you are feeling great after taking medications.
I know someone who is also going through the same illness and because most of the time she is anxious, it’s affecting her health and even her family. I feel sad for her and praying she will overcome this illness. I’m praying for you as well that you will get better soon and overcome depression and anxiety.

Please stay strong, we are here for you so please keep posting. God bless.