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first appointment after crisis team



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Sep 9, 2009
bradford west yorks
my god i feel so angry but tired, i was admitted for half a day a few days ago following a psychotic eposoide, the y gave my Valium and said the crisis team were coming to see me today , they have and they said i need to go see a phyc
today at 2. ii hate them , he wont believe me as the Valium as some what calm me , its weird my body is heavy but ny mind is oh so on! i feel like screaming and jumping, what do i tell him? i ca no can not cope with this any more, last night i heard a man telling me to kill jake, my nephew they were screaming at me laughing at me , they know its all funny thats why oh help please i have to go in a taxi to the local phcyratic hospital . i saw rain in my room last night ? rain. sick of this she said it mite be depression with anxiety , i nearly smacked:mad: her in the face , why dont they help you ? why do i feel like when i talk to them they repeat what i said untill i say something more normal , oh god .

Cameron Vale

Sep 21, 2009

Hi Jekel 1

Cameron Vale here! Are you in hospital yet? Please say you are!

Cameron Vale
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