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finally going to see a psychiatrist again for the first time in years.



Nov 4, 2014
So, i've done it.
Found the courage to set up an intake appointment to see a psychiatrist.
And im so nervous.
Ive been to several different psychiatrists in the past.
Ive been diagnosed with an array of things through the years.
From depression to schizoaffective (that Dx never seemed right to me)
I always struggle to tell the whole truth.
Part of me always wonders if the doctor will think im lying.
Or exaggerating.
Which makes me wonder to myself if i am indeed lying.
So i end up saying less than i want.
Or end up saying what i think i should.
And sometimes i worry that ill say something and the doctor will think that its normal and here i am making a big fuss out of something everyone experienves and thinking it makes me crazy.
Sometimes i worry that people will think i want attention.
So im scared.
Everything just leads me back to why it would be better to keep my mouth shut.
Its hard to tell someone everything when i dont even know what everything is.
When i myself doubt my own symptoms and the truth behind them while simultaneously knowing im not lying but thinking i am.
I dont know whats normal and whats not.
I dont even know why i am so stressed but at the same time i do know.
Im scared i will be wasting my own time.
And the doctors.
Im scared ill be put a more meds that dont help as nothing in the past ever has.
Scared to be told i have something that doesnt match up with symptoms i know in my own head i have but be to afraid to speak up like always.
How do i tell everything i think matters when i dont know if it does? I am riddled with doubt about everything about myself and my life and my mind.

Sometimes i feel pathetic. I think i have it easy. Im just so weak i cant handle life.
And maybr thats the only problem i truley have.


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Aug 30, 2014
Just be totally honest and tell the Psychiatrist what you've told us on here, its not uncommon for people to feel the way you do and being hesitant discussing things thats important too you. I was always over-thinking and overanalysing things like if the doctor was thinking I was a faker but that was just me over-thinking, it was only when I got my medical notes and read what had been written about me I come to the conclusion that the doctors wasn't thinking such things about me and it resolved alot of my insecurities... I think if you tell your doctor how you really feel it could open the path that could really help you.