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Fighting this thing without meds...



Jan 11, 2019
If I'm going to be anxious on and off meds, I'd rather be off them to be honest. A little backstory: I don't like to be away from home, and I don't like driving long distances alone. Fun fact: my friends and family live about 200 miles away and relationships have been strained but I'm working on it. (TBH no one really knows what's been going on with me). With that being said, I work, I attend church, friends want to hang out, and I love Pho and haven't mastered how to make it at home yet, soooo I have to go get some every now and then. Everyday is a mental struggle. Some days are better than others. Some days I don't make it out the house. I'm avoiding seeing a therapist, because I know I'm a diagnosis (or two) waiting to happen. One thing I can't do without- prayer. This may not be something you agree with, but there is no other way to explain how I've made it from day to day. Some days I have to thank God I even made it to the grocery store a mile away. Anyways enough rambling, but this year I want to increase my faith and start living my best life. No one stopping me, but me really.........


Well-known member
Jan 12, 2019
Minnesota, USA
I hope things work out for you without medications and therapy.
Have you looked into supplements?