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This is an message I sent to others, and I know it will help those who have tried every avenue and have not been able to cope. I view the voices as a Mortal Veil Breach, and in such a situation, you must FIGHT. Take care, and I hope my advice helps you...


I wrote the following...it is part of my book "The Sword of Truth," which you can find in full on my website http://michapedia.wetpaint.com/. I want to let you know how wonderful it is that you're so strong already. It really takes strength and a will to face the beings down who are invading your space and hurting your daily life. What I can tell you, having been through very heavy attack, is that walking through them is the very best thing you can do, as well as incarcerating them and throwing them out. Once you've done so, never look back. In regards to your energy, please see my paragraph below on binding and incarcerating the energy. If you focus on the personality of the being you're trying to incarcerate and do as I've said, you can get rid of it. I hope the following helps you, and please go to my website if you want to know more.I've been through immense experiences, so if you have direct questions just write me at [email protected]. It's very easy to put these beings down, once they know you know your in direct control. Don't mess with them. Just put them down, unceremoniously and get rid of them. Take care, and my deepest respect and regards...Rebecca Tacosa Gray


First of all, there is NO reason to be afraid. NONE AT ALL. Realize that these being who are affecting your space are just energy, and they need to be put down, plain and simple. You must understand that these particular being depend upon your fear, it feeds them. What you need to understand is that you need to get up and WALK RIGHT THROUGH THEM. You must face them, know that you're not afraid of them, and tell them to GET LOST. You mentioned being frightened and ending up sleeping on the couch. Don't be. The moment you stop being frightened, and face them as a strong, knowing Warrior, something changes in you. You will throw beings out naturally, face them down without fear, and never regret that you stood up for yourself. Think of it this way: you're already fighting. Why not stand up and FIGHT. And FIGHT. They might resist, but FIGHT. Eventually they'll get lost or you'll put them down and lock them out. Also, remember that when you feel things like fear, they're just bits of energy they've placed around that elicit feelings. Walk right through it and ignore it. The more you do so, the less it will happen, and this is truth. Ignore the banging, the clanging, the knocking. Understand, as Robert has shown on his site, that we live in a Quantum Zero Point Energy Field. What they're doing is just a bit of energy. Ignore it. Once you get rid of them, it will disappear. And you will get rid of them. And to do that, you must have NO FEAR. I cannot explain to you what happens when you finally, but finally, face a being who is a negative entity and face them down. It confirms who you are, it tells them that you will not compromise your space or your life, and you retain everything that you are while throwing them down. You need to understand how strong you are, both of you. It is the most important issue. YOU NEED TO FIND THE WARRIOR IN YOU. This is a truth, plain and simple. What you do not understand is that you are your own greatest strength. I know you've been finding assistance from others, and that is wonderful. However, you must understand that you have the ability to put these beings down yourself, lock, stock and barrel. First of all, find a photgraph, something that inspires the Warrior in you. I, myself, associate with the painting "Stalking" by Michael Parkes (http://www.art.com/asp/sp-asp/_/pd--102 ... 1257F641F9) And you must find a role model. I have many. Michael (Love, strength, the will to continue on and fight, skill, true understanding of human character), True Jesus (Quiet strength, Connection to Universal Mind, True love, true understanding of human character), True God (True God holds Truth, Justice, Beauty, Love, Charity, Kindness, and the ability to see, truly see all, truly see you, truly see what needs to be seen), and I also find inspiration from many films like House of Flying Daggers and, violent though it is, Kill Bill, as it shows one being's will to survive. However, YOU NEED TO CRAFT YOURSELF. These role models are showing you what speaks to you, the strengths in yourself, and what you are, what you truly are, IS YOUR OWN. And it happens like this: you look at yourself. You stand up. You face the beings in question. And you FIGHT. You put them down. Think of it like this. You're already fighting. NOW FIGHT. BECOME A WARRIOR AND FIGHT. PUT THEM DOWN. I know that what I just said sounds strong, but that is exactly what it takes. Strength. In you.

Also, you must understand how important your God really is. Your God, the one you spoke of, stands beside you, protects you and supports you. Your God stands straight across from you in respect, and knows who you are, truly. Understand that once you have put your beings down, your God has the mechanism to shut the door, lock it and throw away the key. And this is truth. Once you have read this, you will have made your God aware that you know that he can make sure that once you shut these beings down, that he must do what must be done. Lock the door, and let those two beings descend to incarceration, where they belong. Also, understand that Michael is also there for you. One thing I know about Michael, and it's the same thing I know about myself, that a strength, quiet or strong, is required to fight evil. Michael's manner of fighting is inviolately beautiful, and his quiet resolve, his attention to detail, and his attention to direct fact are essential and true. You must face evil and put it down. His love, his way of fighting, his beauty, his way of seeing, invaluable, timeless. True Jesus is another to pull to your side. I'll tell you now that I'm asking that you think of him in a different way, separate from the Catholic Faith. Jesus has an inviolate understanding of human nature, and a quiet strength, and knows how to put evil down and incarcerate it permanently. In fact, both Michael and Jesus can do so. Rebecca Tacosa Gray, gave you this advice. But Michael is part of me, he holds me, and I love him. So understand this: You cannot falter. You cannot give up, ever. I've learned this inviolately by fighting. And I want you to Fight. Truly fight.

As for putting them physically down, try binding them. What you must do is find something physical, solid, heavy. Rocks are wonderful, and if you can use something that is known for incarcerating negative energy, like onyx. Then you must focus on the personality of the being in question, and think of the being as a quantum object, it's entire being a solid, a small mass of energy (like a collection of tightly massed atoms, or even better, think of it as a physical being, like you or I.) Then take that energy, that being, and think of it as part of the physical object, as if the physical object is grabbing the being and holding it like a vise. Then bind it with what I call a Catholic Bind, which is extremely powerful. Once the being is in a vise, you bind it by thinking of a million strings or a cement, a visceral cement, or, truer, as if you were actually binding someone to something, infused with intense energy, that of the Catholic Chuch. This is not the "pray" and bind type of energy, it is, "You are bound and you will never leave, and that is the will of the Catholic Faith, inviolate, and cannot be broken." IT IS STRONG. THIS BINDING IS STRONG. THE CATHOLIC FAITH IS STRONG. And when you bind, it must have that energy, the inviolate knowledge that the negative being is stuck, bound in that stone, forever. If you're not Catholic, just KNOW that it's bound. And it must have the same intent, the same inviolate energy. Use only these two methods. The Catholic Method and True Intent. Both will work, inviolately. Understand that what you are seeing is true quantum binding of an actual energy being. For example, you could have bound the being that you saw dancing to a garbage can, and walked right on and said "GET LOST." as you left it behind. And that is exactly what you need to do. Face it and say "GET LOST." Shove it aside and walk on. Once you have bound the being, you can take care of residual energy by binding it into salt, or using incense, singing bowls, clapping, or Tibetan Gongs, which work beautifully. As a side note, as has been seen by Robert's advice, salt is an inviolate substance that holds evil, permanently. I've used it over and over again and it is a true force for battle. And salt baths, as Robert has said, as well, break the energy use around your body of negative entities.

If you have time, go to my website and become a member. (Http://michapedia.wetpaint.com) Also add your name to the FIGHT. MEMBER LIST. (http://michapedia.wetpaint.com/page/FIGHT.+MEMBER+LIST). And don't read more than you have to about evil. These beings use what you know to operate, so the more you limit them spiritually, the better off you are What you must focus on is putting them down, lock stock and barrel. And most of all, look to yourself. Fight, and let me know how it's going. I want you to win. To put them down. Face them tonight and know, in yourself, how strong you are. I mean it. There is no middle ground. You stand, they fall. And you must feel that exact resolve in yourself.

My Deepest Respects and Regards,
Rebecca Tacosa Gray



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