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Fiance has ended relationship after 8 week old baby being born



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Oct 20, 2019
United kingdom
My fiance has ended our relationship in the most irrational fashion and has completely turned all of our lives upside down. Due to the fact the relationship seemed so amazing, yes we had our ups and downs but we were fairly solid, I am questioning if there is more to it. When our baby was born, she was immediately diagnosed with meningitis. She got through after 3 weeks and we carried on. Weve had a couple of blips but nothing major and during one of these she mentioned she was having bad thoughts and hadn't dealt with our daughters meningitis. I told her family and that was that. Fast forward 2 weeks, she found out her nan had lung cancer and its terminal. She turned on me, saying some pretty evil things and I of course shouted and got upset. She then left the house, and within a week has moved out all of her stuff to live with her mum and dad, handed my engagement ring back in an envelope in our babys carseat and using reasons that it's all because of me and issues with me that just dont add up. I want her to be ok and I just dont get any of this to be honest, which leaves me questioning is this a form of post natal? Shes great with her kids. She has suffered with depression before. Please help
Fairy Lucretia

Fairy Lucretia

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Apr 9, 2011
Magical fairy wonderland xxxx
hi ,im so so sorry you must be in turmoil right now
I just wanted to send you loads of love and welcome you to the forum x
I hope somebody can help soon with good advise
love Lu xxxx