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Female spirit is going to kill me



Well-known member
Jul 6, 2017
I have in my body three space ghosts and have been diagnosed with schizophrenia but it is really paranormal.
The female space ghost abuses me every day, sexually, emotionally and physically.
She said she is going to kill my spirit.
She crushes human ghost embryos /fetuses up in the ozone layer after we come out of our bodies as tiny floating thinking spirit ghost embryos ready to grow. If you want to survive after death then you must avoid the ozone layer or spirit mist she has raped around the earth to entrap human ghosts so she can crush us to death to avoid getting caught by the real spirit ghost lead universal government from outer space. You can teleport by way of thought after you come out of your body then you can make yourself invisible before you get in to a body to survive after death. Just say in and you will be in. But she will either kill me in a body or wait at the top of my head for me to come out then quickly crush me.
I believe that the some schizophrenics are not schizophrenic but have in them human ghost survivors few as they are or the spirits that are holding the world to ransom, as we were illegally created by way of visions mixed with spirit mist that is invisible to people in bodies.
She is definitely going to kill me.


Well-known member
Sep 29, 2013
I wouldn’t worry too much about these things. You’ve constructed this big story in your head about space ghosts, but you’ll find there is no need to be afraid... when you die you should just exit from the top of the head, and follow the welcoming committee.

All the best :) I hope you let go of your story.


Well-known member
Feb 4, 2018
Yeah, I'm sorry if this seems rude or dismissive...I've nothing but empathy for what you're going through...but there's no space ghosts. Just a really shitty mental illness that for some reason you have to deal with.

That's going to be very hard thing for you to accept, I'm sure. But you need to accept it isn't real to get better, to feel better.