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Feels bad about being depressed



New member
Oct 10, 2018
So my life is going well, I have a great family, healthy relationship and I’ve graduated from uni 6 months ago going straight into a job in my field. I should be a over the moon. Unfortunately I’m not, I feel although life is pointless and there’s no need for me to be in it, but because my life is going well, I feel awful for feeling like this when others have so many bigger problems than mine, I feel pathetic for feeling these thoughts. I just want to speak to someone without panicking them and I was hoping someone on here might have been through the same thing in the past?

I apologise if my scenario and feelings offends anybody, I just wanted to talk.

Thank you


Well-known member
Sep 23, 2018
Georgia, USA
Don't apologize, and never feel guilty for the way you feel. I understand you. My life right now is okay. I'm going back to college in the spring after taking a semester off, I live with my parents and don't pay any bills, and I have friends. Not many, but a few is better than none. Anyway, I should feel blessed to be in my situation. However, I get depressed a lot. Usually for no reason. I talked to my therapist and she said that depression doesn't always have to have a reason. It can creep up on even the most fortunate people. One thing I do to combat my depression is to keep a gratitude log. I write down one thing I am grateful for each day. Another thing that helps me a bit is medication. Meds don't take away my depression, but it helps alleviate it a little. If you don't want to go the medication route then I recommend seeing a therapist and talking about these feelings you're having. A trained professional can probably help you more than I can.

I hope you find something that helps you. :hug1:


New member
Oct 11, 2018
Depression is not a joke. I hope you'll get better.