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Feeling very unloveable



Feb 14, 2013
Just feeling very much like I'm never going to find someone I really respect and have chemistry with who might every fall for me. I'm 26, and I've never experience being in love with someone who loves me back. The loneliness just eats away at me sometimes. How am I supposed to bear it?


Feb 8, 2013
Love is a tricky thing to find and hold onto. I wish I had some answers for you. I think some things that add to lonliness in any scenario is the thought that everyone else is involved in something you are not. There are so many people in the same position and while it doesnt really help you, sometimes it helps to know you are not alone in a situation. Have you ever tried dating websites? 26 is young. I think the best bet is to where possible engage in activities you find enjoyable, join an excercise class or take a course etc. You are likely to find kindred spirits in these situations and focussing on enjoying yourself or doing something of interest is good in any case. Being in a setting where all the people there have a common interest can make conversation easier. I know these things are not always easy, especially where mh issues inhibit things. xxx


Active member
Feb 15, 2013
United States in California
I know the feeling you're expressing here, Stalwart. I don't have any solutions that I trust enough to offer; because 2 years ago I decided that I'm not yet able to love someone in the way that I would want to be loved. So yep, you're definitely not alone in knowing the agonizing yearning for loving partnership. However, living our lives has a peculiar way of sharing us with exactly the right people here and there; which is to say that there is a lot of life, at 26, still eager to meet you as you press forward. Please keep your hope; and try to understand that just because you're not in a partnership of love doesn't equal being unloveable. I know that feeling chronically alone can feel pretty bleak, though.

Best Wishes,
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