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feeling sui



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Apr 2, 2009
Got so much going on and I just can't cope anymore, I take one step forwards and a million back I don't seem to be getting anywhere and I don't know what to do.

My mums locked all the medicines in the house away and taken my money off me as she's so worried about what i might do while she is out at work, my car keys have been taken away not that I've left the house in over 2months anyway on my own.

I want to be happy and normal, I would love to go back to work but I know that its not good for me right now, what do the people want from me before they realise how ill I am, do I need to be in hospital in ICU before they notice or am I still capable of work even then.

I can't keep living like this, its not fair on me or my family and friends that care about me. excuse the rant and thankyou for all the help you have tried to give me I'll never forget it.


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Apr 4, 2008
Hi can't carry on.Sorry things are so bad.
sending you a big :grouphug:


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Apr 2, 2009
My mum dragged me out to take the dog for a walk and had a nice chat with my sister and mum over chinese take away so am feeling a little bit better.


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Oct 25, 2008
Hi Cant carry on,

I'm sorry you feel so low at the moment. I hope you manage to get the support you need and deserve. I know at this point everything is incrediably hard for you but I hope you can get help. I'm sure your family will be there for you also - it sounds like they are worried at the moment. Have you spoken to your dr or any other MH professionals you deal with? It may be worth while.

Its good to hear you managed to have a good talk to your family today I hope you begin to feel a little better soon.

I'm sorry I cant really give any particularly helpful advice I just hope you can take care.

Jo X:hug:
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