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Feeling so lonely today



Apr 12, 2018
Hello there,

I'm just feeling so lonely today.

I had a heated debate with my best friend last night over sanitary products, it was silly. She began insulting me personally because she couldn't come up with a counter-argument.
I did rip into her towards the end but apologised afterwards. But I'm still a (insert cuss word here).
In my opinion, choosing to purchase £4 luxury tampons (branded, plastic applicator) from a convenience store (them stores sell items at a higher price) and complaining about how expensive they are, that they should be cheaper and more accessible and claiming to be in period poverty is.. Not quite period poverty.
Some women in need of sanitary products will make do with what they can afford, even if they're unbranded and non applicator.

So that's that.

My current.. Person of interest kept ignoring me today and giving me one word answers.
I felt like I had done something wrong.
It wasn't until late afternoon she told me that nothing is wrong, she is having a chill day and doesn't want to talk to me.
She was OK with me last night and mildly loving, we're not serious or in a relationship, just casually dating.
Anyway, I tried messaging her and she just.. Obviously wasn't supportive, doesn't want to talk to me and even now I feel like I've done something wrong.
It's a sudden behaviour change. No talking, no mild affection today.

My other friend hasn't gotten back to me. I think he went to a major football match today.

So yeah. I've had a little cry. I feel lonely.

Cheers for the replies in advance.



Well-known member
Jan 5, 2011
:welcome: to the forum. We all have shit days, I am sorry you have had one. I am sitting alone all day whilst all those around me had fun in the sunshine. Shit days. Its horrible when you don't know what you have done wrong if anything, and a friend just ignores you. Give it a day or two and try again. If it continues, try writing an old fashioned letter so that she can't ignore that.

Hope it all works out for you.
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