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Feeling sexually repressed and like I want to commit suicide.



New member
Dec 20, 2019
I am a 30 year old male, never had a girlfriend and a virgin. I am decent looking and don't suffer from social anxiety, although I am a bit shy. I live in Surrey, BC, and find it hard to meet people here. There are no clubs or activities that I can find where I could meet women my age to date or have sex. I have obsessive sexual thoughts that are making me feel extremely anxious and depressed, and I feel like nobody understands what I am going through. These thoughts are driving me crazy, and I often turn to using alcohol or heroin for temporary relief. I feel like I have a problem with using heroin, and I tend to use compulsively. I find it easy to make friendships with other guys my age and even some women my age, but I feel like its impossible for me to develop relationships with women. I have had few to no opportunities to kiss or have sex with women. I want to move out of Surrey, BC, because I feel like I might have better luck elsewhere finding women who actually respect me and understand what I am going through. I feel so lonely and depressed most days, and often have thoughts of ending my life.


Hello Xtreme201
Welcoming to the forum
My name is Albawolf and 22 years old . I live in London . I never had a boyfriend and i am virgin. I love politics , gaming , knitting amd baking , reading and going sightseeing. I suffer depression
Being a single and virgin is isolating. I want someone to love me , hold me and can't experience this like other people my age have.
There people like you and I am going to recommend you talk to this man who is an active member of this fourum. He is going through what you are dealing with
His forum name his Lundi_Hvalursson
He is an American and 30 years old .
He is such a lovely guy and he is really cool.
Read his threads as well on this fourum as well . He talks a lot being a virgin at 30 and never having a relationship the issues it has on his mental health. He issues with social anxiety
Please talk to him .
Please get help for your addiction. I seen addiction in my family and all it does is bring pain to those you love. Addiction has take away so many beautiful souls before their time .
Take care and merry Christmas
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