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Feeling "off" for days after a panic attack?



New member
Oct 20, 2021
Rhode Island
Hi all,

Apologies if this is replicating an existing thread; I'm new here. I'm wondering about other folks' experiences with feeling off or weird for a few days after an intense panic attack. I had one on Monday night and the attack itself only lasted about 30 minutes total from onset to when I was able to fall asleep, but now two days later I'm still feeling a bit lightheaded, having some heart palpitations and random chest pains, and generally just feeling not like myself.

For context, I took 10mg of propranolol and .25mg xanax that night, along with another 10mg propranolol last night. I've had several EKGs, blood work, and an echocardiogram since these episodes started for me about two months ago and everything looks normal physically. My heart rate is pretty under control, and even seems a bit slow today, but the rest of the stuff I'm feeling is making me really uncomfortable and worried.

Just wondering if some of you have experience with feeling like this in the days after a panic attack, mostly to reassure myself that this will pass. Any advice is appreciated!


Well-known member
Aug 4, 2021
Pauls Valley, Oklahoma
if you leave this panic attack untreated without therapy it will grow to a panic disorder, which I had and beat by learning through therapy to "ignore and unplug" the fear associated with having panic attacks and I have been panic free for almost two decades...no anxiety whatsoever...what you are feeling is fear upsetting you probably.

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