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feeling low



Active member
Nov 19, 2009
Hi all, probably going to ramble but got to vent my feelings, cant get motivated the feeling of self harm is getting worse have a fantastic fiance who really doesnt deserve me, work have terminated my contract meds dont work going crazy dont leave the house dont sleep just want it all to go away.


Feb 28, 2010
You didn't ramble at all.

Even though you feel like you're in a whirl-wind my suggestions are pretty basic.

1) What you are feeling now is temporary- you won't always feel like this.

2) Because you are feeling so badly, your reality is being darkened by lies- "I'm no good", "I'll never feel better", etc. This too is temporary. Do a thinking exercise in which you remind yourself of times that you didn't feel this way and remember that your reality was not filled with these lies that seem like the truth to depressed people

3) See the way you are feeling as a Call To Action. Even though you don't want to leave the house and have no motivation take some steps, or have your girlfriend help you take some steps to move towards relief of your symptoms- medication review, therapy.

Hope this helps



Well-known member
Mar 3, 2010
BSloan1960 - wow I was reading your tips and they're so helpful. Just as I was reading the one about depression being temporary, that made me feel a lot better, when I remembered times before this happened. Thanks :)

2hoot39 - I can't give better advice than the above, but hope you feel better :)
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