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Feeling lost and empty away from home



New member
Feb 26, 2015
Hi, I was diagnosed BPD 5 years ago privately but never 'did' anything with the diagnosis although I had treatment for addiction which greatly improved my life. My life cometely turned around and I found peace and success in some areas but lately I gr i to a relationship with a man I love who supports me well but it triggered so much inside me like fears of being abandoned and some of the behaviours began again I.e self harm depression etc. I am currently away on a work trip and its only been two days but I feel so empty and distant from my life and like my relationship never happened even though we have been together a year, and I can't seem to carry any feelings of safety or love away with me when I'm not with him. I'm struggling wih this and this trip is really hard and I feel very alone and was wondering if anyone has any words of support or advise?


So sorry that you're feeling horrible like that :hug1:
I hope someone be along soon who can help you.


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Aug 17, 2012
The West Country
I presume you're still able to contact him through texts and phone calls?
It's difficult when you've got all these fears and anxieties going on, but in the kindest way, you have to realise that the anxiety you feel is coming from you.
I mean, i'm sure he's not given you any reason to doubt him and as you say, he's a really loving supportive partner.
I hope you don't get too low whilst you're away. And hey, they say absence makes the heart grow fonder so i'm sure things will be all the more special when you get back home. :)
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