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Feeling lost and alone



New member
Mar 5, 2015
hi everyone. This is so hard for me because i generally have difficulty speaking about my problems. Well I guess to start off I grew up in an incredibly difficult environment my dad is an abusive alcoholic and gambler. We lost everything because of him. I am currently a student and me and my mom live alone together it is much better without him but is so difficult financially. But no matter how hard those times were in my life were I felt ok because I had my loved ones to support me. Lately I feel so down and consider suicide. I am having a hard time at university because I am struggling with the work which really upsets me. I also feel very inferior at university due to the fact that I am studying fashion but simply cannot afford to dress as nicely as every one else. I feel like my peers look down on me because they're older than me so I feel very out. I'm having problems at home because my mom is going through so much and we end up taking it out on each other which really hurts. She's always been my best friend and Ifeel like I lost that. MY boyfriend has always been so incredible and my source of stability but he is studying too so we never see each other anymore and I feel like he is becoming so distant and different towards me. Even though in comparison to the things I've been through before this is tiny it feels like I'llnever make Iit through because I feel as though I have no one to support me.


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Jan 27, 2015

You've made a great step speaking out here in the forum. It can be so helpful.
I'm sorry to hear you feel so low right now, and sorry to hear about you and your moms struggles. I understand, as my father was similar. Sometimes life seems one hard slog, it can get better, believe me.

Are you getting any support at all? sorry not sure whether you are in UK. It's sounds like you don't get any support from anywhere. I can remember feeling like that, but on good days when I had the motivation I did seek out places to help. I avoided going to the dr for quite some time, but was glad when I did as it did open some doors for me, I kind of had to be persistant, I inow that's difficult. Does your college not have a dept attached were you could approach for some help. You do have a lot going on right now, but with some support you could feel better. What is available to you in your area, do you know? It really is worth checking out, to help you at this time.

I really wish you well.


Mar 2, 2015
Hello, you are not alone in feeling alone... I'm struggling with my mental health as well and it's destroying my life and relationships. I also feel as though my once supportive boyfriend is distancing himself, it's like he can't handle it all anymore and is letting go or putting up a wall. I can't help that I'm not okay, and I'm a mess. I just want to feel healthy for one day. It's hard not to consider suicide when everyday is an internal struggle. I wish I had more positive words but I feel just as hopeless and alone as you...my mental illness is ruining my life and I'm so sorry to hear you are going through similar pain...