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Feeling like I value a friendship more than they do :(



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Apr 23, 2012
Hello... Was contemplating not writing this due to embarrassment! Basically I have this friend who I think is cool but I just don't think she appreciates our friendship... Maybe I'm being stupid?


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Aug 17, 2012
The West Country
Aww, honestly, I know how it feels to treasure a friendship/relationship whilst the other person doesn't seem to be as arsed as you.
I think it comes down to the depth of your emotions and how much you are willing to give. Also, I think people who are "cool" or have some kind of status, just don't cherish friendships and see them as something disposable.

Having said all of this, it may just be in your mind and in reality, this friend does value the friendship equally. She just might not show it very well.
It's hard to know. x


Aug 5, 2014
I also feel that many people do not have a lot of appreciation for friendship. Some people are so-called 'friends' for some particular advantage that suits them, rather than being genuine about it. If they don't have any 'use' for the friendship then its like, they don't care anymore.

The good friend, the real friend, will value friendship for friendship's sake. They will care about their friend. I feel that is better than the fake friendships anyway.

Just some of my feelings.

However, I don't know about Pffft's actual situation to make any judgement about the friendship there. I hope it works out well though.
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