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feeling good for the first time in a while :)



Jan 1, 2021
i have good news! even though i am tired as fuck because i havent been able to sleep at all lately, it seems as if my depression cloud has passed for now. its sunny and peaceful in my head and i feel like myself again. i think its really important to keep track of these good times and recognise them because theyre gone really fast sometimes. you have to be grateful sometimes, right?

this following bit is just me ranting and being proud of myself so you dont have to continue reading on if youre not interested

basically i had very early online lessons today, german and english, which both went very well as i participated very actively in both of them :) even tho i just wanted to go to sleep afterwards i had a discord call with my best friends, which later on turned into a group call with some other friends. we just chilled, talked and bathed in old memories.
also i was very outgoing today: i talked to some new people who texted me & some that i contacted.
i even wrote an email to my elementary school to ask for the email of my old teacher bc i always wanted to reconnect with her

im gonna work on some homework now and later on im gonna play some video games with a few friends which im very excited for!

i havent been this enthusiastic in a while so im trying to suck up all of these emotions and not just take them for granted. you never know how long these good moments last, so relish them :))
thank u all for all the support btw, im sorry if im not that active its just really hard for me to be active ngl.

i love yall, take care of yourselves <3


Well-known member
Jan 18, 2021
the underworld
this is so positive! im so glad youre happy, this actually brightened my day! this is a message to everyone who feels bad: it gets better, there is always sunlight after a storm


Well-known member
Jul 9, 2013
good to hear that youre doing well....by the way your english is excellent


Jan 27, 2021
Its always really good to hear the positive. The dark cloud does eventually go away. :)
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