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Feeling better



I’m focusing on the propositions this coming election and I feel better.

I’m gonna post my answers and thoughts. Remember, I have schizophrenia and psychosis and am damaged mentally so I wouldn’t take my answers seriously.

Just in case you feel like reading here are my answers and notes:

Proposition 14- no
Proposition 23- no
Proposition 18- yes
Proposition 17- yes
Proposition 15- Yes
Proposition 16 -no
Proposition 19- yes
Proposition 20-yes
Proposition 21-yes
Proposition 22-no
Proposition 24-yes
Proposition 25-no
If I’m wrong we can always amend

(Unsure about 15, 19 and 21)

Proposition 25:

•computerized risk based assessments to determine if an individual should be released pre trial

•potentially costly risk based computerized assessments
•cash bail

•wealthy can pay, low economic cannot and are exploited.
•government benefits from cash bail when financially encumbered currently.

•computerized risk based assessments I hypothesize would include racial profiling which is no better than the wealthy being able to pay bail and low economic significantly minority demographic being unable to pay.

Proposition 24

•strain on smaller owned businesses

•stimulating lawsuit/attorney economy

•provision of privacy

•allows companies to be sued if passwords and emails are hacked

•allows for companies to only hold onto information as long as is necessary

•provides limitations on exact location, race, religion, gender

Proposition 23- No because it’s unnecessary for doctors to be there 24/7. Renal specialty clinics will close down and there will be an influx of renal patients in emergency rooms and with covid 19 it’s not practical. In case of emergencies like hemolytic blood reactions Registered nurses are trained professionals who have protocols for that. In addition, they send out patients to hospitals in case of severe emergencies.

Proposition 22

•seems like a proposition to curtail company liability for lawsuits in apps like lyft or uber.

Possible No Reasons:

•increase in lyft or uber costs

•increase in quality of drivers

•increase in company’s liability for quality of drivers.

•more thorough background checks

•decrease in uber and lyft drivers and availability of rides.

•longer wait times for uber and lyft
Yes reasons:

•No personal conflict with current drivers

•Keep costs low and affordable

•Decreased time wait

•Increased availability of rides

Side note:

So much publicity of sexual abuse and rape from uber and lyft drivers and publicity about people doing things to your food on instacart/uber eats/ etc.

Proposition 21

•favors renters struggling financially in covid 19 crisis to stay in apartments

•rent control

•does not favor landlords’ revenue from apartment complexes

•Possible decrease in maintenance of apartment complexes


•landlords can propose increases in revenue if revenue is lacking but cumbersome process

•landlords can increase revenue up to 15% still

•landlords can convert apartment complexes into condominiums to have tax breaks

•Objective to increase vacancies in apartment complexes when covid 19 attributed to decrease in vacancies

(Unsure about proposition 19, 15 and 21) but I’m thinking yes to 21.

I have a feeling that I have not done enough research about the propositions but I don’t know I’m doing the best that I can.

If proposition 21 can increase vacancies I’m thinking it’s a win on both sides of both the tenants and the landlords so I said yes.

If proposition 21 can increase vacancies I’m thinking it’s a win on both sides of both the tenants and the landlords so I said yes.

Proposition 20

•requires dna sampling from those who committed some misdemeanors.

•increases penalties for inmates who violate their release 3 times

•charge shoplifting as felonies for over 250$

Proposition 19- yes.

•benefits 55 and older community by providing housing tax breaks for downsizing

•taxes those who are heirs to their homes

•benefits local government and schools

Proposition 18- 17 year olds in high school talk about politics in their government/ history classes and a significant amount of 17 year olds are more knowledgeable than most 20 and up people.

Proposition 17 seems like a conspiracy. There’s a significant amount of individuals who are on parole who are low economic and minorities. It says that 40,000 people would be included if this passes.

I think if this passes, you’re giving 40,000 votes to one side (maybe I don’t know anything) but maybe to the democrats. So I guess if I was a republican I would vote no.

But then there are those rich kids who go to prison whose parents are republican. There’s that demographic of people.

But according to my criminal justice book there’s a significant amount of individuals incarcerated who are low economic and minorities, so maybe 40k votes would be going to the democrats.

I wonder if there are too many Republicans or too many conservative people right now.

Would people straight out of prison even know anything about what’s going on politically? Maybe it’s a misconception that they wouldn’t know anything.

I say if it’s constitutional for probation individuals to vote, parolees should be able to vote.

I don’t see voting as glamorous it’s a responsibility to know what’s going on and it’s more like a task. So yes we should share the task and the responsibility with parolees.

Proposition 16- repealing proposition 209 allowing for preferential and discriminatory affirmative action.

Some argue that it will increase inequalities in gender and race however, it does not specifically say we are going to help mexican Americans or that we are going to help women. It says we are going to allow affirmative action which allows for discrimination and preferential treatment based on gender and race so this could mean that women could potentially make even lesser than they already do compared to men and that other non minority races can be preferential even more.

Yes on proposition 16 could allow more diversity on our campuses too though. Which is good affirmative action but what about bad affirmative action?

I think the potential for bad affirmative action outweighs the potential for good affirmative action. So I say NO.

Proposition 15

•yes would tax industrial and commercial businesses over 3 million dollars

•would exempt smaller businesses under 3 million dollars

•larger businesses are going to have more expensive items, so target, vons would be more expensive

•smaller businesses would be able to compete with larger businesses

•private schools might be more expensive

•government jobs if no might be at risk

•public schools would be aided

•Local government aid

•might impact the economy and de-stimulate it.

•more frugal spending

•impact on low economic individuals

•if no, the government might increase fees for government related services **

•I wonder if health care would be impacted and might increase fees for that. Ie: iehp

•if no quality of public schools might decrease

I think since either way the government is going to find a way to get money and might increase government related fees if we say no, to avoid that I think it would be smarter to tax larger companies. It would give smaller American businesses a chance. But then, buying things from China might increase since target and Walmart will be more expensive. Because then the American dollar won’t go as far and groceries would be more expensive but they just increased minimum wage a few years ago so I don’t know, saying yes might make sense.

I think yes. Sorry rich businesses, you have to share the wealth. And sorry to us Americans, we are in this together so we have to be frugal with our purchases at target.

Proposition 14- no because too much money


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Nov 10, 2019
I just vote for who i get a good feeling about. I trust my judgement.

I'm not a details kind of person.
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