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Mar 21, 2011
well today i had it all planned, was gonna OD, had kids sorted, one at in laws, other would be picked up by hubby, so was all clear to take the tabs i had.

hubby realised was not well but wouldnt tell him if i had meds to OD on. so he searched my stuff and found them, followed by taking my purse so i couldnt buy more.

so plan ruined, not happy, anyway he rang care co, as she doesnt listen to me, hears what she wants to hear!

so much going on cant cope. dont want to see the psych tomorrow, who miraculously managed to get me an apt, he doesnt understand. so i have written out some lyrics to a song which sums up how i feel, dunno if wil read, or even understand.

so what i want, some time out, time out in the crisis bed, dunno if i will get it, sure they wil say not the answer for ppl with bpd, its what i always get.

i asked about support worker to help me get out and about but she says no, cos i have other ppl, ie self esteem course and couples therapy!

feels like hit a brick wall.

sorry for the ramble dunno what else to do, wish hubby hadnt taken all my meds, so fed up of life at the min.



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Apr 23, 2010
goodness knows!
Hi, ramble as much as you like if it helps...

If you have any evening meds I would take them and go off to bed, see if you can get some sleep...that might help.

Try and keep the appt with the pdoc, hopefully you will get some help, I know you don't want to...

I understand about hitting that brick wall with the 'professionals'!!..they are trying it on with me at the moment..this damn BPD.

Stay safe, qf.
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