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Feeling bad due my mother's physical/mental health



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Apr 22, 2018
My mother had a stroke time ago.

In this years Ive tried to be her carer.

But I also regreat of some things Ive could do and I didnt do.

Never thought I should talk with her psychiatrist. She always had meds and talk once in a while with him, but I never talked with her psychiatrist to talk about her symptoms and try to improve it.

Ive spent all the summer thinking about take her to go out and do excerscise, a thing she really needs. But because my sleeping problems I havent done it.

She been feeling alone, I was able to move to her house, I was planning to do it. But again my sleeping problems, couldnt plan it, and i didnt do it.

I should take care of her diet more. But... again, I cant.


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Apr 10, 2020
planet earth
She’s probably extremely happy to have you as her caregiver. It seems to me like you are a very caring person And would do anything to make her feel well again. I hope she is in better health now that you’ve been taking care of her and a diet is a great idea try it out. Maybe helping her willl also make you feel good 😌

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