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Feeling bad about needing constant reassurance



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Sep 12, 2013
I just get freaked out if I don't know everything. I am not sure if that's my anxiety talking or if it's because I am young and inexperienced.
None of us know everything, and that's OK, it's OK to not know things and to ask questions, that's how we learn.

I was put off from trying to get diagnosed before because a family member told me that there's nothing wrong with me and that I wanted a mental illness to get attention. I am at a point where I just don't care about their input anymore because this is ultimately my life and my mental health. I think that the fear of this affecting my career is slowly easing down now that I realize how terrible my mental health really is. I know there will always be stigma, but I think I am prepared to live with it if it means I can get better.
Good for you, I'm glad you are not going to let this family member stand in the way.

Well, that's true. When it's work, you kind of know exactly what to say so there's no pressure on finding on a relatable topic. Maybe people won't mind how awkward I am if I do a good job otherwise? :scared: I think it's even worse when I am trying to be friends with other awkward people. That's double the amount of awkward!
I bet a lot of people won't even notice your awkwardness, I think it always feels worse to us in the middle of it than to the people we are talking too. Competence, politeness and respect go a long way in the workplace.

I imagine we're both like Magikarps if you know the reference :LOL:
Unfortunately I've not come across them.

I need to find the fastest and most efficient way to break down then. Once I start, I am usually in the bed for a few days. Some of the self-help techniques might help with this.
Or preferably coping strategies and self care that will prevent a break down, be this medication, therapy, mindfulness, gym... whatever is going to allow you to cope with the stress that you are under.

When it comes to seeking help, I usually refrain from it because I often feel "normal" when I am in the public. Most of the depressive breakdowns happen when I am alone. I guess that's why I never have this strong urge to tell someone.
I think that's a common thing, we are often very good at wearing masks in public. I know I am.