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Feel unsafe in my house



New member
Oct 22, 2009
im just getting a bit worired and wanted to get some advice from some people. Well firstly i just want to say iam a teenager, generally happy and have great friends and family. However ive always been terrified of murderes/rapists and all that stuff :( ive read loads of horrible stories in magazines, seen loads of awful movies and also seen real life murder/rapes on the news, what ive learnt from these is that 9/10 of the time it is always men who commint the murder/rape. I have nothing against men thats just what ive found. So whenever i think about these crimes happening to me i always associate a man doing them. I have seen loads of stories where men kill their partners and lots of other stories where men kill their children also, this has made me think about my dad doing these things. Now just because i think about these things doesn't mean i believe them, i know my dad would never hurt me, my sister or my mother. We all get on quite well but this doesn't stop me thinking about it over and over, and it really scares me i try to tell myself to stop thinking about it but i cant. I dont feel safe at home especially at night. Its like i know my dad would never hurt us but i get scared he'll get really sad or go insane and kill us all (because thats what normally happens in these stories) however i have no reason to think this as my dad is the most down to earth person i know, he's really relaxed, no mental health problems and just likes having a laugh - he's just a normal bloke, we're not like super super close because like most men he's not a cuddly person & doesn't talk about his feelings, but we are quite close - we chat & have a good laugh, we all do as a family. He has alot of friends who he goes to the pub with once or twice a week, he's just a typical man. But how do i stop myself thinking this about my dad? i get so scared even in my own house. I cant talk to my dad about it, he'd be so hurt.

Its not just my dad either like ive thought about my one of my next door neigbours who is also a man hurting me, and even my driving instructor trying to abduct me. Can i just make clear i dont believe any of these people would actually hurt me, i know they are good people i just cant help thinking of it when i hear all these horrible stories about these evil people. The world is such a horrible place :(

By the way i dont suffer from mental health, just some small anxiety now & then but that is all.

Thank you for your help, i really really appreciate it :)
Sugar Coated Owl

Sugar Coated Owl

Well-known member
Aug 2, 2009
I can't really offer any great advice but didn't feel like I could read and run (((HUGS)))

I think you have to remember that the chance of something awful like that happening to you is very very slim. It sounds like the stories you have read have made you paranoid about men and that isn't good. Remember the majority of men are not like that. I would try to avoid watching such movies/reading magazine articles like that as it's just going to make you feel worse.

How long have you felt this way about men?

I really think it might help to tak over your issues with someone and work through them so that you can live your life without this huge fear.


New member
Oct 29, 2009
Sheffield, UK
I agree... you should definatley talk things through with a professional.

If it helps at all I get scared when I'm in on my own and have major issues with irrational fears. Until you speak with a professional avoid things that make you feel like this such as articles, films and news... turn it over or go into another room (pos to make a drink or something if your family is in the room).

Im 20 now but my irrational fears started when I was in my late teens... they are now a lot better. You wont feel like this forever! Just make sure you get some help.

Good luck x

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