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Feel like going to sleep & never waking up!


lizzie g

Jun 22, 2009
So my anxiety & panic attacks are back. Great!
I've never felt so hopeless, Been to the Dr & he's put me on new meds. Now on Mirtazapine anyone know of it?

I'm at my wits end now. I really have tried everything to get rid of the anxiety that has plagued me (even hypnotherapy for what little good that did!)
All that triggered it was a guy that I like has started talking to me. That's it. I can't even talk to a man now without spazzing out! What is the point?!
I would say I want to die but I'm not even sure I want that anymore.

I feel like I'm existing in just a shell. No point to anything. Wishing I was never born. How can I possibly go on living like this? It's so unfair.

Dr told me I have to face my fears or I will never get better. Easy for him to say when just looking at a guy I fancy gives me a panic attack! I really don't know what to do apart from just sit here & cry!


Well-known member
Oct 15, 2009
country cottage

you could see a different doctor. they all have their own styles. i think the one who told you to face your fears doesnt have much insight into mental health. the mind is very complex. i have taken mirtaszepine or zispin. its good because it helps you sleep and good sleep helps all round. you need to take it at bed time for that reason.i hope you start to feel better soon. keep posting.:grouphug: