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Feel depressed since Trump lost



Well-known member
Jun 23, 2020
New Jersey
First off, I would like to say I know a lot of you are Biden voters. I am not here to fight with you. Feel free to support Biden. I am opened minded. I am here to talk about my depression. I want to feel better. Feel normal again.

Here goes: I am a extremely intense political person. I watch Fox News like a religion, mostly Tucker Carlson. I hate the neocons on early on Fox. I even worked hard and campaigned for Trump to win. And he lost. I feel like I did that all for nothing. I feel like my work and effort is meaningless. I lost my political excitement. I want to have my political passion back. I stopped watching the News. I do not care anymore. Especially seeing how Biden is setting back America in terms of foreign policy. Pro-war president is back in the white house. Foreign policy is one of the main reasons I stood against Biden. And he is giving amnesty to 11 million illegal aliens. A slap in the face to all legal immigrants. Why be political in a dying nation? I know this sounds dumb, but I do not feel like myself. I want to feel normal again. I feel like punching myself for being like this. What do I do? How do I snap myself back into normal? I wish I can be like everyone and not care about politics and just be happy.


Well-known member
Jun 23, 2020
New Jersey
I see my post was removed. Again. I am not here to offend anyone. I apologize if I did. I just want to feel like myself again. Politics means a lot to me.


Well-known member
Oct 17, 2018
There is no such thing as wasted effort in politics when you live in a democracy. You went to great efforts to express your views and politicians from both parties will have heard.
Be that rare person who expresses their views calmly and clearly and you will be the voice for many not just yourself.
In some ways it is more important to express your political views when you are in opposition to the current government so that there is debate and proper consideration before decisions are made.
lastly when you consider politics and the news try to remember the reality you see outside your window. I’m unhappy with the choices of my politicians here in the UK however when I compare the moral and ethical out look of my country now to how it was 200 years ago I am struck by how much better things are for the average person. In the UK and USA we have never had as higher standard of living or as much freedom as we have right now. There have never been as many ways to make ourselves heard or as many people striving to better our world. Ultimately there is more that unities us than separates us.



Well-known member
Nov 7, 2020
Basing your entire mindset and existence on a single issue or subject, as you seem to have done going by your words, is always a mistake.

It may seem fulfilling and in a way addictive because we all crave for meaning in our lives and we find something that ignites that sparks some make the mistake of going all in on a single thing, only for it to inevitably come crashing down. The proverbial placing all your eggs on a single basket.

But what's done is done, all you can do is realize that a healthy life is a wide life, where many, often little things are the ones that give you purpose.


Well-known member
Oct 27, 2020
Orleans vermont.
Your effort was not wasted at all. You participated in a democratic republics election. Thats important. What strikes me is your attitude. Im a biden man and you are the best example of what people should be in politics. Its not about hate, its policy. Though we would disagree i think people like you are exactly what we need in politics.

Biden has power now but it wont last. 4 to 8 years tops anyways. You can keep your love for politics and discuss all the things you believe biden is screwing up. Follow your passion. Dont forget you have a senate to take back next year.

When all else fails and you just feel down do what i did with trump, went on twitter for memes lol. There have got to be some good biden ones by now.

I look forward to disagreeing with you in the future :hug:. Stay strong. Ill be here for you if you need me.


Well-known member
Apr 28, 2011
Do you follow a football or team or a team from another sport? If you do, then you will get used to losing as well as winning. Politics is more serious of course, but perhaps following a team is good training for dealing with failure which comes to everybody at sometime in their livies.
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