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fed up



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Nov 24, 2009
I can't do anything right. I want to give up. I feel like killing myself or at least self harming. Deep.
I don't want to do this anymore. It's too much effort to succeed in everything or to at least maintain a happy medium.
I feel like I'm alone even when I'm surrounded by people and I constantly get this horrible feeling in my stomach that I'm nervous, that I feel so down I wish the world would just swallow me whole and I don't care if I left anyone behind. No one gives a shit if you're nice or if you're nasty, somewhere you're bound to get treated with disrespect and be completely disregarded.
I'm not a key part in society or in anyone's life, why should I stick around.
Sorry for the rambling but it's just how I'm feeling right now. I'm just typing what comes to mind.

I want to get away. I can't cope anymore. This is not what life is supposed to be like. Maybe death is more enjoyable than life. People do say you have to live through bad things to know what good things are; maybe life is the bad and death is the good.
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Apr 4, 2008
I don't have the answers I'm afraid. But take care of yourself you are a valuable person.


feeling bad

[SIZE="5"[FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"]Feeling bad is so horrible it drains you completely, you're a worth while person and you've had the courage to post here[/FONT][/SIZE] ??
Please do n't hurt yourself, you're going through a terrible phase of this illness, try please to talk to someone...

:( :grouphug:

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