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fed up with nhs services after 16yrs



Jul 23, 2009
i have had contact with mh services for a gud 16 years now but have constantly been discharged and denied any form of treatment and i still dont seem to be making any real progress in bein able to have an appointment with someone other than just the access team/equivalent in camhs

i managed to get some counselling via a charity which i have been goin to for 2 years now and only now i realise this is goin to take a lot longer than i initially thought goin by the fight you have to give just to get 6 sessions of therapy, more like over 100 and still not got very far but ive got somewhere...

i am wondering about doin some things privately - i have a substantial amount of savings that are depleating rapidly anyway due to having benefit cut - except i dont know where to start and what to look at

i already had to pay £30/week for my counselling as a result of charity running low on funds

anyone have any advice?? i am really running out of options, even after 16 years i still have never even seen a care plan


Jul 19, 2009
in the land of make believe livin it large (don't
I don't know if this will be any help to you as i don't know your circumstances, there are lots of charities out there that do counselling with little or no charge. The waiting list's are usually shorter than NHS waiting lists for counselling, you can sometimes find them in the yellow pages.

Sometimes they do charge depending on your working situation more but £30 sounds really expensive have a check online for charities in your area as most do offer counselling and unlike in the NHS there is not usually a time limit on the amount of sessions you have:)


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Aug 8, 2008
Where are you located? Linkline gives free unlimited counselling in Cambridge
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