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Fed up of waiting for help.

  • Thread starter itsnotaboutthefood!
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Feb 12, 2019
Feeling down today, been waiting since May 2018 for support. Went to initial “group sessions” which were awful. Wrote down my feelings and need to share. Hoping to find some support.

Don’t make me travel,
to make me unravel,
And then talk to me about food,
Dont give me a plate
And then make us rate
How much carbs and protein to use,
Don’t give me data
I’m just going to hate ya,
As my bulimia is not about food,
It IS about hunger,
I’m not getting younger
And I really don’t mean to be rude,
Let’s talk about trauma,
Let’s talk about stress,
Let’s talk about control,
But not eating less.
Let’s go with connection,
Let’s go with accepting,
Ok now I’m on a roll.
I’m starving inside,
But I’ve still got my pride,
But your group work is really dull,
Don’t patronise me,
And don’t agonise me,
just give me the help that I need,
I don’t want to be thin
Just to heal from within
So that what I am now is enough,
Don’t get our secrets,
And then never see us,
As that is proving to be quite tough,
Please now hurry,
The wait is a worry,
Just give me the help that I crave,
I’m so grateful for mates
They have helped me relate,
And have encouraged me to be brave.
I will always be grateful,
And will never be hateful
As they have given me a place to be,
The only person that I can do and that is simply me. ❤❤❤


Feb 12, 2019
I have been to the doctors and was refers to the eating disorder clinic, back in May..... I had to have some group therapy which was very patronising and not really helpful, and now I’m on waiting list for CBT.... it’s been 7 months!
Luckily I have some good friends who are very supportive.
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